Types of Water Pumps

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Water Pump

Water pumps in South East England are designed for specific purposes whether it is for home or commercial use. All water pumps move water from one point to the other but they can be classified into two broad designs:

1. Positive displacement – They are good for buildings which supply viscous liquids or those that deal with sensitive solids. Water pumps that use this method supply a fixed amount of liquid. They are efficient and they remove all air in the pump line.

2. Centrifugal water pumps – The pump is flexible as it can be used to move both viscous and non-viscous liquids. It relies on a rotating impeller to move liquids. The pump has a fire protection system, has an automatic switch which does not need a suction to operate, and it is good for circulating hot water.

Types of pumps

Pressure tanks – As the water enters your home, pressure tanks regulate the pressure of the water. If you live in an area where you experience four seasons, then you need to have a pressure tank. Changes in seasons can lead to changes in water pressure like during spring; the snow affects the water pressure.

Well pumps – Just like the name suggests, the pumps push water from a well or underground sources to a business or home through pipes. They have different horsepower so you need to establish the horsepower that you need before purchasing the pump. If you want to supply more than one home or business with water, there are well pumps with enough horsepower to supply enough water in such cases.

Sump pumps – This pump is used to drain out extra water due to rains, floods and melting snow. The pump is installed at the basement because that is where water collects. When water floods the abasement area, it triggers the motor which then spins the water from the premises through a drain hose.

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