Factors to consider when buying a Straight Stairlift

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Stairlifts

Stairlifts enable the aged and immobile people to walk up and down a staircase safely and in a comfortable position. For you to choose a perfect stairlift, you must consider your budget and your requirement. There are many types of straight stairlifts in Exeter so you must be very specific with your requirement for you to find the best stairlift.

* Location of the stairlift – Do you want to install the stairlift outside or inside the house? If it is outside, then you need to install a weatherproof stairway but if it is inside the house, you do not need a weather proof stairlift.

* Capacity of stairlift – The stairlift should be able to comfortably carry your weight. Most stairlifts have a maximum weight limit of 300lbs but others go up to 500lbs.

* Type of immobility – Can you stand and seat or your immobility limits your knees or hips from bending? You need to install standing straight stairlifts from Exeter if your knees and hips cannot bend. If you can comfortable sit, then a perched stairlift will be installed.

* Convenience – The convenience of a stairlift is determined by its features. Do you need armrests, swivel seats, seatbelts or footplates? Modern designs offer more features that make the stairlift convenient to use.

* Safety features – Which features do the stairlift have? Does it have a braking system; rockers switch control, call and send option just to mention a few. Many people are concerned about safety when using stairlifts because they have the potential to cause more harm if they lack safety features.

* Stairlift power – The stairlift can either be battery or electric powered. Electric power is AC while battery power is DC. Battery powered equipment is quieter and smoother when using unlike electric powered stairlifts. Some people prefer the battery powered gadgets because even when the power has been cut, they can still use the stairlifts.

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