3 Reasons why Stairlifts are Popular

Who said that people with mobility issues should be limited in the areas they access? It is not right to limit people’s accessibility for whatever reason. Every home is unique and the various mobility aids make it possible for people to access all areas of their home. Stairs are a common feature in modern day homes, but they pose a challenge for people with mobility issues. Some stairs have unique shapes and design such as spiral staircases, stairs that travel to multiple floors and stairs with landings.

Fit into your own Lifestyle

A curved stairlift is designed to fit and serve you around the home. You do not need to change your surroundings and routines. All the stairlifts provided are remotely controlled putting you in control of your life and your routines. For staircases that have corners and bends, a curved stairlift is what fits into the arrangement to travel around them.

Safety for All

Most private home stairs are narrow. This can be challenging for someone to help the other up or down the stairs because the space is limited. If you have mobility challenges, you can choose curved stairlifts. The mobility aids are motorized so you do not need anyone to help you. The stairlifts are easy to use you therefore do not have to worry about safety as the user is securely seated. The high safety level guarantees that even if you get the stairlift for an elderly person or someone who lives alone, you have no reason to worry about their safety.

Convenience at its Best

Engineers attach curved stairlifts to your staircase. Curved stairlifts in Exeter do not cause damages to your fixtures or walls. The ThyssenKrupp Flow 2 has a swivel seat, footrest and a fold-up seat. The Minivator 2000 uses a paddle control and comes in various colours. The Freelift Rembrandt and VanGogh relie son a jockey stick for control and has an ergonomic single-rail design.

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