Damp Proofing

Dealing with Woodworm by preventing it

Woodworm is treatable but why not save yourself woodworm treatment in Glasgow by just preventing woodworm in the first place? The best way to deal with it is to treat it at the very sight of it anywhere in the house. One of the main sources of woodworm is second hand...

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Essentials of Damp Proofing

You may have noticed that your paint is peeling off the walls or a damp patch under the window sill. You have attempted to repaint, but it has flaked off the walls. This may indicate there was insufficient damp proofing to ensure that moisture does not gain passage...

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Why You Should Damp Proof Your Home

Dampness is when moisture is found in the structure of a residential or commercial building. It can be caused by improperly sealed bricking or defects in the roof of the building. Water will seep into the foundation and walls of the home that can result in major...

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