Damp Proofing

Essentials of Damp Proofing

You may have noticed that your paint is peeling off the walls or a damp patch under the window sill. You have attempted to repaint, but it has flaked off the walls. This may indicate there was insufficient damp proofing to ensure that moisture does not gain passage through your walls and cause decay. Damp proofing in Glasgow is normally done during construction where a plastic membrane is installed into the base of the walls. There may be a few issues causing this situation. Some common ones are as follows:

* Leaks – These are a common cause of damp and may lead to penetrating damp and wet rot. Its common sign is a localization of the damp. To rectify the damp, check for leaking downpipes, gutters, cracks or faults, felts, window sills, or tiles around a chimney.

* Rising Dampness – If the dampness is located at the bottom of the walls, it may mean that the damp proof membrane has been breached. This will require repair by an expert.

* Condensation – This is mostly caused by water vapour being trapped within the building as warmer air comes into contact with cooler air. It can be prevented by improving ventilation and increasing heating.

Damp Treatment

The first step in damp treatment is to identify the nature and cause of the damp. It is important that you do not remedy the situation with a quick-fix plan such as painting over the affected area without first addressing the cause. This is because even though it may improve the appearance of the wall or floor, it is bound to bring about other issues as a result. If unsure of the cause of the damp, it is advisable to get the opinion and help of an expert. Damp proofing in Glasgow is essential for the longevity of your structure.

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