Dealing with Woodworm by preventing it

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Damp Proofing

Woodworm is treatable but why not save yourself woodworm treatment in Glasgow by just preventing woodworm in the first place? The best way to deal with it is to treat it at the very sight of it anywhere in the house.

One of the main sources of woodworm is second hand furniture brought into the house. Before bringing such furniture in the home, examine them to ensure that they are infested by the worm. Take a careful look at the unfinished parts such as the bottom of the plywood drawers and at the back of the cabinets. The glue used when attaching the pieces entices the worm to those parts. If you have a feeling the worm is in these places, treat the furniture before bringing it inside the house. For effective woodworm treatment in Glasgow, make sure the treatment penetrates the wood.

As you look for the worm in furniture, do not forget to examine your home for the presence of the worms. They like to harbour in door skirts, the stairs, roof, joists, and floorboards. At first, you may think that the worms are harmless because the place that they are occupying cannot be damaged but do not be fooled; the worms travel from those places to areas where they can cause harm.

In normal circumstances, tell-tale holes that appear dark in colour are treated form the worms but those that appear clean might not be treated. Try and put a knife in the clean looking holes. If dust comes from the clean holes, then the worm has already infested it.

Wood worms can be a menace in your home so you should effectively treat then when you see them in your home. If the infestation is serious, do not try to handle it without a professional. Call us today to help you deal with it. We have experienced staff at Richardson and Starling ready to treat the wood worm and eliminate it from your home.

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