Damp Proofing

Why You Should Damp Proof Your Home

Dampness is when moisture is found in the structure of a residential or commercial building. It can be caused by improperly sealed bricking or defects in the roof of the building. Water will seep into the foundation and walls of the home that can result in major damage to the structure if left unattended. If damp is present in a home it can cause a range of problems from degradation to the inside of the building to colder temperatures in the residence. A skilled contractor can help with damp proofing your home by removing existing dampness and protecting the residence from future build-up problems caused by damp. Visit here for more information.

What Signs You Should Look for to Determine if you have a Dampness Problem

* The walls or foundation of the structure feels damp when you touch the area.

* A musty smell can be found in the home.

* Plaster will look discoloured or even begin to crumble when the problem is neglected.

* If there are wood floors in the home they can start to decay and rot.

* Paint and wallpaper in the residence will begin to peel away from the wall.

* Mould will begin to grow around the affected area if neglected for too long.

Hire an Established Contractor to Solve Your Damp Problems

If dampness is left uncared for, it can become costly to fix the problem. A skilled company such as Pest Eradication (West) has years of experience working with dampness, fungal decay, and woodworm problems in residential and commercial properties. They can help remove the problem and provide protection against future damage if left unattended. Their reliable workers can provide you with the solution you are looking for to help protect your home. A knowledgeable worker will come assess your home or business to determine which type of problem your structure may have and how to remedy the issue.