Water Pump

5 most important parts of a Pump

Pump manufacturers from South East England focus on the five most basic and important parts of a pump;

 * The impeller – It cools the pump by sprinkling coolant so that it runs through the cooling system.

* Housing – It is the outer case that covers the pump. It is made up of aluminium or cast iron and some modern pumps have stamped-steel housing

* Bearing assembly – It allows the impeller to continuously rotate

* The hub – It is connected to the power source and it helps to rotate the impeller

* Pump seal – It protects the bearing assembly from contaminants and coolants. When abrasive contaminates and coolant reach the bearing assembly, the bearing’s lubricant is completely washed out. If the seal is affected, you need to replace the pump otherwise the bearing will fail or the bearing shaft might snap. When the seal is damaged, it can lead to premature pump failure.

Causes of seal failure and leakage;

1. Abrasive deposits or contamination between the seal surfaces – Debris such as core sand, casting binders and rust, dissolvent from system components and abrasives as a result of assembly and machining lead to seal failure.

2. Mechanical conditions – The conditions include incorrect seal installation, incorrect bore or shaft concentricity, excessive vibration because of misalignment of pulleys, defective fan clutch or belts and axial play or bearing radial.

3. The engines temperature operation – If the engine is overheated and has low level of coolant, it can cause the liquid between the seal faces to boil, distortion of seal face flatness and aging of the elastomeric components.

To avoid premature pump failures, pump manufacturers from South East England apply the following pump designs;

* They use materials depending on the purpose of the pump

* To remove the heat generated, the seal is exposed to the flow of the coolant

* To reduce the effects of heat aging, the manufacturers use elastomeric materials seals

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