Common Remedies for Leather Damages

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Upholstery

Leather furniture is classy, attractive, and long lasting and that is the reason many people desire to have leather seats. If you want your leather furniture to maintain its appearance for long, you need to take care of it as it is damaged by stains, scratches, nail polish, and it fades.

What do you do when your leather furniture is damaged?

* Broken stitching – It is among the easiest damage to on leather to repair in Edinburgh as you only need to stitch up the torn places.

* Scratches, marks, and scuffs – Children and pets cause marks and scratches on leather furniture. If the damages are small, apply white vinegar to make the mark larger then apply a shoe polish of the same colour as your upholstery. For large scratches, you need to use the following leather repair in Edinburgh; recolour the upholstery, use leather cleaning or use leather cleaning. You should not allow pets on your leather upholstery but if your pets cannot keep away from the leather, make sure you have throws on the seat or use leather tanners and fillers to keep the pets away.

* Cracks – When leather cracks, it looks unattractive which means you cannot ignore it for long. You need a specialist to repair your cracked leather so that your furniture can have a uniformed look after the repairs. The expert needs to clean and recolour the leather in a professional way so that they can leave it looking new.

 * Fading – Leather discolours when exposed to sunlight making the furniture unsightly. To repair the damage, you need to recolour the leather with a dye that matches the type of leather damaged.

Is your leather damaged? Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery can help with large or small leather repairs to fix the damages. We have the skills and experience needed to repair your damaged leather to its original look.

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