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Three Tempting Reasons to Stay at Farmhouse Accommodation

There are many beautiful places in the United Kingdom where you can get stuck into activities such as horse riding, archery and hiking. With picturesque landscapes and alluring attractions scattered around the country, there’s no reason not to book a holiday at home! Over the past decade or so, farmhouse accommodation has grown in popularity, and for good reason. Aside from the panoramic countryside views and friendly service that is guaranteed when you pay to stay at a peaceful retreat of this kind, there are lots of other things to smile about. Bed and breakfast facilities are available in abundance, so why not spend some time in a rural location and enjoy the following perks of a farmhouse B&B?

Get In Touch with Nature

Exposing yourself to Mother Nature could have positive effects on your health, such as improved mood and higher energy levels. Who knew getting outdoors and stimulating the senses could be so good for you, huh? Staying at farmhouse accommodation means you will have the opportunity to experience things differently than you would be able to in the city. Farmhouses will be set in secluded locations, away from the hustle and bustle. Not only can you enjoy peace and quiet but also, the surrounding land will provide you with plenty of new territory to explore.

Admire the Traditional Features

The unique architecture featured on a farmhouse guesthouse makes it picture perfect and for many people, a wedding destination. Expect to see a variation of earthy materials inside a converted structure, such as stone and wood. Farmhouse guesthouse owners will generally keep the original features, so as to give the people staying there the feeling that they are somewhere really out of the way. It’s also fascinating to learn about the history of a farmhouse when staying in one that was constructed many years ago.

Enjoy Luxury Amenities

While a farmhouse guesthouse might not look like a hotel, its amenities will rival one. Most guest bedrooms will feature a television with cable viewing, a four-poster bed, central heating, radio, ensuite bathroom and free WiFi. In addition to having luxury amenities at your fingertips inside the rooms, B&B’s will also be equipped with a living area. Here, you can relax just as you would at home by watching a DVD or simply putting your feet up.

Whether you require farmhouse accommodation for a business meeting, weekend break or holiday home, Sink Green Farm’s 16th century farmhouse is sure to impress. Call 01432 870223 to book a stay near the River Wye. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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