The Design Benefits of Buying Hardwood Cladding from Timber Merchants in Exeter

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Flooring

Any good interior designer will tell you that timber is a top choice for all building projects, big and small. Affordable and long lasting, this environmentally friendly type of wood looks great, requires minimal maintenance and can be stained or coloured to suit your taste. With more than 150,000 people working in the timber industry around the United Kingdom, it is clear to see just how high in demand this hardwood is. To really strengthen whatever structure you are in the process of building, whether it is a garden shed or an office building, it’s advisable to get hardwood cladding produced by timber merchants in Exeter. Read on to find out why.

Attractive Grain and Colour

No two pieces of hardwood are the same, much like a fingerprint. The many attractive grains that can be seen in a piece of wood from timber merchants in Exeter really makes this eco-friendly material perfect for unique looking furniture, gates, flooring, or whatever else you plan on building. It’s easy to identify a type of wood used to make cladding by looking at its colour. Make sure it has a natural colour and that it is not stained. Pieces of timber tend to have beautiful patterns and by examining the end of the wood, you can be sure that it is quality timber and has not been veneered, printed or manufactured to alter the appearance.

Low Carbon Footprint

Everybody leaves a trail behind them when performing everyday tasks, from driving the family car to work to taking a shower in the mornings. Home improvements, whether it’s building a shed or fixing a gate, can contribute to landfill waste and pollution. Wood products from timber merchants in Exeter are available in abundance, so there’s no need to worry about using up precious natural resources for your building or home improvement project. What’s more, timber merchants will usually produce timber cladding at a sawmill on the grounds of their business, thus eliminating the need for transportation. You can visit here to get more details.

Good Thermal and Sound Insulation

Timber is often chosen for building and refurbishment projects, because it offers good acoustic and thermal insulation properties. When timber cladding is fitted onto the interior or exterior of a property, it will add an extra layer of insulation, which will lower energy bills and prevent heat loss. Timber cladding from timber merchants in Exeter will be a good addition to office buildings too, due to the fact it minimises noise through sound absorption.

Only top grade wooden products are supplied by the timber merchants in Exeter working at Blamphayne Sawmills Ltd. Visit them online to find out more about available wood grades.

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