Three Essential Packing Products for Moving Home in Cardiff

by | May 8, 2015 | travel and leisure

So, you have found the house of your dreams and are keen to move in so that you and your loved ones can start making fond memories – congratulations! This is sure to be an exciting time however, with moving comes a lot of responsibility. A checklist will help you when moving home in Cardiff, because it will remind you of tasks you need to complete ahead of the big day. From giving utility companies notice of change of address to disassembling furniture, preparation is everything. Reduce the risks of items being damaged during the move by getting your hands on the following packing products.

Cardboard Boxes

Most moving companies will sell cardboard boxes, so ask about this before you purchase your own. Don’t worry if the removal specialists don’t offer boxes, because grocery stores, liquor stores and packing supply stores most certainly will. Choose boxes that feature pre-assembled partitions when packing kitchen glasses, plates and cutlery, because the partitions can be used to separate similar items and protect them from knocking against one another when in the van. Box cutters will come in handy for opening cardboard boxes quickly.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Take the opportunity to wipe down household objects and furnishings before moving home in Cardiff. Why, you ask? Well, an all-purpose cleaner made with borax, liquid castile soap, essential oils and washing soda will restore the shine on stainless steel appliances and bring out the natural beauty of wooden furnishings. Avoid using newspaper to package belongings, because the ink might stain the surface of whatever it is you are packing. Another homemade cleaner you might want to try is baking soda or vinegar and lemon juice, which will remove marks and leave things smelling zesty fresh.

Basic Tool Kit

There are a number of basic tools that will make the process of moving home in Cardiff a lot easier, such as packing paper, pens, a notepad, large trash bags, labels or permanent markers for identifying boxes, stretch wrap for securing drawers and doors, and sealable plastic bags for bagging brackets and screws together. Prior to putting a basic tool kit together, research companies online and find out which ones offer packaging materials and supplies, because this will save effort on your part.

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