Concrete Pumping in Newport – Should You Own or Rent Equipment?

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Laying a concrete path, resurfacing a road, constructing a wall – there are many reasons why you might want to gain assistance with concrete pumping in Newport. The use of concrete in society is often overlooked but in fact, concrete brings endless benefits to society because it is used in numerous ways. These include building schools and constructing sewerage systems. Concrete is also chosen as a durable man made material for eco-buildings that rely on energy efficiency. Before you contact a company that specialises in concrete pumping, figure out whether buying or renting equipment would be the better option.

Renting Saves Money

If money is of importance to you, consider saving some funds by renting equipment the next time a job for concrete pumping in Newport comes round. Renting is a straightforward option for all, because it means you can give back the equipment and save space on your building grounds when concrete does not need pumping. Additionally, a professional with relevant experience will be able to operate the machine, so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong. You could reach pumping speeds of 5-100 cubic yards per hour with a rented machine, depending on the model.

Owning Offers Convenience

Do you want to be able to get stuck into building duties at any time of day? If so, buy a machine that works for concrete pumping in Newport. Despite the benefits of owning equipment, including the fact that you will have the ability to use it at any time of day, owned machinery is not as economical a choice as rented equipment. Clean-ups, maintenance, repairs – these are a few things you will need to spare some time and money for if you purchase a boom pump or something similar. You can visit here to get more information.

Finding a Company

Just because a company claims to rent out high quality machinery for concrete pumping in Newport, this does not mean that you should swoop in and pay for their services. Going down the rented route means you will need to think about health and safety, especially if the area being worked on is a building premises. Accidents can be avoided if you look for builders that are CSC registered, because this demonstrates their professionalism. A good company will also boast positive reviews and will be available seven days a week.

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