Minimise Heat Loss with Thermally Efficient Wall Ties in Eastbourne

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The Government is constantly setting new targets in an aim to reduce the damage caused by global warming. As a homeowner it is your responsibility to live as eco-consciously as possible. This can be done in a number of ways, from getting basement damp proofing completed, to hiring a professional who can fit wall ties in Eastbourne. Guaranteed to strengthen and stabilise walls, wall ties enhance structural performance and reduce heat transfer, which could ultimately save you money.

Energy Efficiency Targets

We all live on this planet and this means that in one way or another, we are all contributing to global warming. High levels of energy usage are accelerating the speed at which climate change is happening. To prevent temperatures and sea levels from rising, governments are encouraging homeowners to get walls strengthened with wall ties in Eastbourne. One of many ways in which a property’s structure can be reinforced, wall ties will lower heat transfer. You can find out more about energy efficiency targets set out by the government by getting in touch with local authorities or browsing the web.

Why is Stainless Steel Recommended?

Wall ties in Eastbourne can be made with various materials, but stainless steel is perhaps the most popular. This rust and corrosion-resistant type of metal is competitively priced and can be engineered to perform extremely well. A preferred choice in the construction and building industries, this metal is widely chosen because it is strong, durable and affordable. Aside from wall ties, stainless steel is often used to make wall fixings, like tension bars, masonry support and shear connectors. Galvanised steel is another option, and the difference between galvanised and stainless is that despite being cheaper, galvanised steel is not as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel.

Where to Shop for Wall Ties

Before you start the hunt for wall ties in Eastbourne, make sure you find a dependable seller who knows what they are talking about. Ideally, the company you collaborate with for home improvements of this kind should know how to conduct other forms of home improvement too, such as basement waterproofing, timber and damp treatments, insulation and structural repairs. Read as many customer reviews as possible to ensure a personal service is guaranteed and get at least five quotes before making a final decision.

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