Have your double glazing windows failed?

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Glazing

Double glazed windows fail after using it for some time or if the windows were not properly installed. How would you know if the windows have failed? Can you tell if you need to repair or to replace them?
There are four major signs that you should look for to determine if your double glazed windows in Esher need to be replaced or repaired.

1. Condensation – If you have water vapour on the inside of your windows, then you need to improve the ventilation in your room. If the vapour forms between the windows, then it means the seal has a problem and it needs to be replaced.

2. Leaks – There are two reasons for a leak; a blocked drainage or a damaged weather seal. When a seal is broken, it leads to gaps in the frame which allow water to pass through. If the seal has a problem, call a professional to replace it for you. A blocked drain needs to be cleaned and all debris removed.
If the leaks happen while the windows are still under guarantee, contact the supplier for compensation.

3. Draughts – In most cases, a draught means that the window seal is broken. Replace the seal or the window to a modern glazed window.

4. Holes, cracks and chips – As long as the cracks are not serious; they have no effect on the efficiency of the double glazed windows in Esher. Unfortunately, since you cannot tell whether the cracks, chips or holes will progress, you need to replace the window.

Contact our professionals at P & P Glass today to come and inspect your double-glazed windows in Esher. Our professionals will also advise you on the best way forward. Do not continue to live with inefficient windows.

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