What to Do When Replacing Glass in Guildford

When you have hired on a firm to replace glass in Guildford, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the project goes smoothly! By taking these steps you will ensure that your glass in Guildford is replaced quickly and easily.

Step 1 Clear the Way

It is important that the craftsman has easy access to the area where the glass is to be replaced. For windows move away furnishings and remove any window treatments before the workmen show up. Take down blinds, shades and make sure there is a clear path to the window. For doors and other areas, be sure that wreaths and decorations are removed and again, there is a clear path opened up.

Step 2 Keep Pets Out of the Way

For safety reasons you may want to consider putting pets in another room. You do not want to have to worry about a pet “escaping” through an open door or window. It is also better to be safe than be sorry. Even the most loyal pet may take the opportunity to roam. Keep pets away from the workspace.

Step 3 Keep Children Out of the Way

Whenever glass is being replaced there is a level of danger involved that you want to shield your children from. Keep children out of the way of the workers to ensure that they are not at risk of harm. Keep children away from the workspace.

With these three simple steps and Allways Glazing Works you can easily have glass replacement in Guildford that is done safely without event. Learn more about all the services that Allways Glazing Works has to offer and ask if there are any other steps you need to take before you have your glass replaced.

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