Double Glazing your Windows is Important

When shopping for windows, you’re likely to find the phrase “double glazed” thrown around quite often regarding the windows you are looking to purchase. While anyone in the home improvement or construction industry can easily identify what this means and how it applies to your house, most homeowners just aren’t in those fields. So, this poses a challenge, especially if you are looking to replace a window that has been somehow damaged. Well worry not, because if you are looking for glass in Guildford, this article will serve as a handy, short guide on what double glazing is and how it benefits your home.

What it is
Double glazing windows refers to a practice in window crafting, wherein the window in question is made with two layers. The layers have a little pocket of space between them. Now, one may think of this as a minor detail, even a weakness, but in fact, this is the most important part of the double-glazing process. That sealed gap of air between the two panes of glass adds an extra bit of insulation that not only keeps out more of the outside air than the typical window but also blocks out sound from either side.

This is all well and good, but what are the actual benefits of this? A few actually, which will be covered just below.

Benefit 1: Better insulation
The main benefit of that little layer of air between the panes is insulation. It helps to stop the passage of hot or cold air through the panes, which means that the temperature you specify on the air conditioner will be easier to reach, because now you don’t have outside influence tampering with the temperature, and you also don’t have air getting out of your house. This, it may shock you to realize, saves you hundreds, if not thousands in heating bills every year. Because the A/C doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to get the room to the desired temperature.

Benefit 2: Less Condensation
Because of the added insulation, the windows are less likely to experience condensation. This is due the gap between the panes. Since there is added space between them, the warm air inside or outside will not affect the opposite side of the windows.

If these benefits have sold you on double glazing your windows, and you would like to order an installation, then see that you contact Allways Glazing Works as soon as possible.

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