Have Odd Windows? Get Made-to-Measure Curtains!

Are your windows slightly odd? Are you having a hard time finding curtains that fit your style? There is an option out there for you! Made-to-measure curtains in Bovey Tracey can help you to update and personalize your home.

Here are 6 useful tips for when you are choosing your made-to-measure curtains.

1 Choose a Fabric. Choosing the right fabric for your home can make or break a room. When visiting curtain specialists, you will be able to look a variety of different fabrics. By having an idea of what kind of fabric you want in your home, it will make the search process easier, as it will help you to immediately determine if a curtain specialist can help you or not.
2 Design. If you have a preferred design for your curtains, let the specialist know right away. If they can do this for you, they will let you know. If you are not quite sure what kind of design you want, there will be many examples in store to help you choose.
3 Lining. You don’t necessarily have to choose a lining for you curtains, but the lining does help to protect them. UV rays can be damaging to curtains over time, and this lining can help to protect your curtains. The lining can help insulation in your household also.
4 Preferred Style. Find a style that suits you. Just like the design, the style is important. A style can help to bring a room together and help you express your own personality.
5 Maintenance. Make sure to take good care of your curtains. By keeping your curtains clean, they will last longer. Dust your curtains regularly. Don’t forget to throw them in the washer occasionally. If you have chosen a high-end design or style, make sure to read the washing instructions before putting them in your everyday washer.
6 Price. Make sure to look at prices. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on curtains, make sure to investigate all your options so you can find affordable curtains that fit your desired style. Also think of your ability to maintain your curtains, you don’t want to buy extremely expensive curtains if you cannot maintain them.

Ready to Buy?

The right curtains can be hard to find. Especially if you have windows that are slightly different than normal. Made-to-measure curtains are the option for you if regular size curtains just don’t fit your windows, or you are looking for a very specific look. If you are in the Bovey Tracey area, check out Rochelle’s Curtains & Blinds for all your made-to-measure curtain needs.

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