Factors to consider before choosing a Flying School

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Flight School

Flying is enjoyable and exhilarating to experienced pilots and trainees. As a trainee, the school that you choose determines whether flying will be such an incredible experience or not. Before you choose the school to train from, make sure you visit the school and have a look at the school environment and the courses that they offer. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the course or anything about the school. Remember you need to choose a flying school in Exeter that you are comfortable with. Take time to consider the following factors;

* Career development – Does the school offer additional career development support after completing the course? Some schools offer their students interview practice which helps them stand out when they go for interviews. Do not overlook the importance of post-course community support from instructors and other students. Does the school have approachable and knowledgeable instructors who are willing to offer you help after the training?

 * The location of the school – To come up with the best location, you need to consider where you want to fly after your training. If you want to fly in a busy environment, then look for a busy airspace to train from so that you can get used to the environment.

 * Availability of tools and equipment – Modern airliners use modern fleet and safety records so you should look for a flying school in Exeter that offers the same or higher standard of tools and equipment. Schools that offer simulators prepare students for difficult situations that happen in real life when flying. Fortunately, the simulators are not real but they prepare the student to deal with such situations were they to happen in real life situations.

Aviation training involves continuous maintenance of sophisticated equipment like simulators and the aircraft. Before you choose the school you want to train in, ask yourself whether they are capable of maintaining the standard required by the aviation authorities to ensure safety when flying the aircrafts. Devon and Somerset Flight Training offers professional flying lessons at affordable prices. Reach out to use today for a complete breakdown of our aviation courses.

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