Important Tips on How to Prepare for Your First Flying Lesson

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Flight School

The first flying lesson will be one of the most memorable and exciting things in your life. Imagine soaring above the clouds to being in full control for the first ever time. Here are some important tips that will help ensure your first flying lesson is successful.

1. Always ask a Million Questions

Never be afraid of asking a million questions during your first flying lessons in Exeter. The instructor will never mind, that is his job. Flying instructors would like when you ask questions when they are around than have questions when they are not around. It would be great if you can write down the questions before your first lesson to ensure you do not forget something important. The flying instructor will be thrilled with how important learning to fly is important to you and how you are dedicated to learning.

2. Never be Afraid, Always Try it

You will always have an opportunity of taking over the controls when your instructor is with you at some point during your first flying lesson. Never be afraid of going for the gold. It is what you are meant to do! The instructor will always be there ready to take back control whenever you need him too.

3. Always have fun

One thing you should never forget during your first flying lesson is having fun. By having fun, you will enjoy the lessons and be eager to learn more as days go by. The best way to learn flying is to ensure you are having fun during the lessons.

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