How to be a Pilot without Training

by | May 15, 2018 | Flight School

Nothing can beat the feeling of piloting. Regardless of the location of the flight, you can feel your adrenaline rising as you soar to the sky. Many people wish they could fly a plane and they think it is impossible to fly without training. One clever way to fly a flight without experience yet feel like a pilot is by booking flying experience in Bristol. You can choose to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or to congratulate yourself after an achievement by paying for the flight experience. The good thing is that anyone can enjoy the experience regardless of their age. As the pilot for the day, you get to make decisions involved in the flight experience.

Choice of Flight and Aircraft

You are welcome to invite a family member or anyone you wish to invite during the experience. There are 2 and 4 seat planes to choose from. An experienced pilot sits next to you for your safety and guidance. Since you are the pilot for the day, you determine the period of time that you want to fly. In most cases, the experience is between 30 minutes to one hour. During that period, you take full control of the flight. If you are training to be a pilot, the flight experience can be added to your training time if you wish so.

Additional Benefits

After the flight experience, you receive a certificate as a souvenir. This is a great gift and something to cherish forever. You have a choice to take pictures while in the sky. Flight schools are located in very serene and beautiful areas so take advantage of the scenery and take pictures as a reminder of the flight experience. Choose a reliable place to enjoy the flight experience such as Devon & Somerset Flight Training. They have an interesting package where they allow you to land in another destination airfield. Contact them for details on their flight experience packages.

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