Unfogging the Mystery Around the Popularity of Snus Tobacco

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Snus tobacco – a product that originated in Sweden – is a product that has been steadily gaining popularity in other nations in recent years. If you have passed tobacco shop recently, you may have seen advertisements for this convenient, smokeless tobacco product. But what is snus, and how is it different than other tobacco products on the market today?

What is Snus?

Snus is a type of powdered tobacco product – also referred to as snuff- which can be placed beneath the lip in order to obtain the desired effects of the nicotine it supplies. Unlike chewing tobacco and cigarettes, snus is thought by many health experts to cause far fewer instances of mouth, gum and throat cancers and is considered a healthier alternative to these nicotine options. What’s more, many people even claim snus can help with quitting smoking or chewing altogether.

Better Public Health, Too

While snus tobacco is not without its health risks, they are far fewer in number than traditional American and European tobacco products. One of the biggest benefits of this form of tobacco is that there is much less risk posed to those surrounding the user. Air is not contaminated by cancer-causing smoke, and the byproduct of the use of snus is actually swallowed by the user, leaving nothing to create potential health hazards for others. Experts around the world agree, it is one of the smartest and safest ways to indulge your tobacco habit.

Where is Snus Available?

Once only available in Sweden, snus tobacco can now be purchased in many areas of the world. Major manufacturers of American cigarettes and chewing tobacco products have recently introduced snus lines of their own, and retailers are seeing increased demand for the product as interest in smoking cigarettes declines. Online merchants like Tobacco Online sell snus along with myriad other tobacco products, so both casual users and those who are looking to replace their usual nicotine delivery mehods have the chance to try snus. Order some with your next delivery of tobacco products, and see what all the fuss is about!

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