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Infamous Cigars: Sweets Cigars

Here is the perfect choice for those who prefer their cigars to have a smooth, mild taste. With an extraordinary blend of tobaccos, Swisher Sweets are America’s most popular, and widely considered to be one of the best machine-made, cigars. Heck, when you look them up on Urban Dictionary, the definition reads that they are a “damn good cigar”! They are known around the world for their sweet flavors and are often considered to be the best-quality tobacco at the most affordable price, making them ideal for habitual cigar smokers.

Unique Features

There are Sweets cigars for everyone. They manufacture a vast variety of sizes from full-size cigars to mini cigarillos, a few special styles including Honduran hand-rolled Outlaw cigars and black tip cigarillos, and a wide range of flavors including white grape, wild rush, cherry dynamite, peach, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, and many more. Original cigars are also available for those who would rather have their tobacco plain, without any added flavor. Products also come in foil wrapping, which helps to ensure that the tobacco remains as fresh as possible.

Easy to Smoke

Unlike most cigars, these stogies come ready to smoke. Once they are removed from their foil wrapping, they do not require a cigar cutter to cut off the ends. Just light them up!

Inexpensive Pricing

When purchasing tobacco, the deal-breaker for a lot of people is cost. While everyone prefers the highest quality, many people cannot afford it. These cigars are priced to fit the needs of the everyday smoker without the expenditure.

If cost is the deciding factor for you, why not see what all the hype surrounding Swisher Sweets cigars is about?

Shopping and Product Reviews
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