Types of Glass used for Double Glazing

by | May 29, 2017 | Glazing

Whether you want to replace or fix new windows in Guildford in your home, it is good for you to know the type of windows available and their characteristics. The information will help you to buy the right window. The characteristics determine where to install the window, when and how to install them.

Here are some of the common types of windows;

* Insulated glass – The window has more than one pane and comes with a low-emittance coating. The two characteristics make the window good in energy efficiency and an excellent sound proof window.

* Heat absorbing tinted glass – Most tinted glasses are either bronze or grey tinted. The glass absorbs rather than reflect heat and energy into your premises. When the glass absorbs the heat, it changes in colour. The glass offers security, privacy, various designs, and safety.

* Impact resistant glass – As the name suggests, it is a strong glass. It best used in areas which experience hurricanes or heavy storms. The glass should be installed in roof glazing, curtain walls, balconies, stair railings or exterior storefronts. In case of strong impact, the glass does not shatter or break. The glass provides added security and reduces noise pollution.

* Gas filled glass – They have high thermal performance which makes them excellent for someone looking for an energy efficient window. The gas improves the soundproofing quality of the window and prevents frost from forming at the bottom of the window.

* Reflective glass – The glass is good for regions which are sunny or warm. The glass reduces the amount of radiation that enters the premises hence reducing the negative damage caused by the radiation. If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing glass with energy efficient characteristics, then reflective glass is the best to use. For more details, visit here.

* Low- emissivity glass – The glass filters the sun’s rays into visible light and infrared light. During summer, the glass reflects infrared light but it allows visible light inside the house. During winter the infrared light inside the house is reflected back.

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