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On Time Delivery for Concrete in Bradford

If you have any concrete in Bradford experience you know that “on time delivery” is a must but if you are not using the right company their “on time” does not look much like your “on time”. Time is of the essence when it comes to this material. It seems everything about concrete is based on a time factor:

* The amount of time it can stay in the truck

* The amount of time it takes to pour

* The amount of time that it takes to cure

* The amount of time that it takes to get to you

Concrete can only stay but so long in the mixer truck before it is rendered useless. You have to allow X amount of time to pour it into the forms. Of course you have to figure for the amount of time it takes to cure and keep your fingers crossed the weather holds out but the most important time factor that affects every other aspect of the time dedicated to the project is the amount of time it takes for the concrete to get delivered. Visit here to get more information.

Why On Time has to be on Your Time

If you’re “on time” and your supplier’s notion of “on time” does not align, you will be stuck paying for labour that are standing around with their hands in their pockets. When you have to figure out every minute of how the concrete will be poured and allowed to set everyone has to be on the same page and “on time” has to be on your schedule.

Finding the company that understands that on time delivery is on your time can save your project from extra costs and aggravation. Call Spot on Concrete for your next project and rest assured that “on time” will be on your time!

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