What Services Do Asbestos Removal Agencies in London Offer?

by | May 19, 2016 | Asbestos Removal

Do you know what kind of danger asbestos poses to your health? Asbestos was once one of the most popular building materials used in the United Kingdom because of its strength and versatility. Although it has its benefits for construction purposes, the toxic building material has been linked to many health problems, and even fatalities. Known to cause cancer when someone is exposed to it over a long period of time, asbestos is now banned in the UK and other countries around the world. If you want to be sure that you are not residing in a property that was constructed with this dangerous material, you can put your trust in asbestos removal agencies in London to provide the following services.

Inspection of the Premises

Prior to the asbestos removal process being carried out, the people working for asbestos removal agencies in London should carry out a thorough inspection of the premises. During this time, the problem areas will be examined and any loose asbestos fibres or materials that appear to be dangerous will be taken away for testing. Bear in mind that the cost of asbestos removal depends on the size of the premises and whether or not any obstructions stand in the way of the contractor. If they do, chances are the removal will take longer and this means that you will pay more if services are charged on an hourly basis.

Material Assessment

The material assessment is one of the most important parts of the process, because it determines whether or not a complete removal should take place or not. Materials will be sent to a laboratory for testing and then a suitable procedure will be carried out to carefully remove the asbestos without causing an airborne pollution problem. The important framework of health and safety law will be considered at this stage, so that the 5000 asbestos-related deaths that occur each year in the UK can be lowered, or prevented altogether with help from asbestos removal agencies in London.

Asbestos Removal

Should the material assessment show that the asbestos is actually present in the property, it will be removed as quickly as possible. Exposure to the harmful human carcinogen could be fatal. Categorised in category one, the carcinogen will be managed, abated and removed once discovered. Standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency will be thought about at this time to ensure potential asbestosis and asbestos cancer hazards are kept to a minimum.

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