How to cope with a blocked drain

It’s quite easy to spot the warning signs that a drain is becoming blocked. You will notice, first of all, that the sink is taking longer to drain than usual. In fact, when you’re showering, it will become apparent that the water is collecting at your feet. This is particularly true if you’re washing your hair and you’re aware that you’re standing in a pool of suds. It might also happen that you start to notice unusual odours that aren’t particularly pleasant. If you ignore these signs, the problem probably won’t go away and suddenly you’ll become aware that your drain is completely blocked. This is when you need to take immediate action to have the problem resolved.

Sorting out blocked drains in Poole

Most people might try to fix the problem on their own and there are endless methods that might be recommended to you. These vary from the bent wire hanger, which is manipulated to create a small hook and is used for fishing out any gunk. This can be effective if there is hair and other stuff immediately in the way that is creating the blockage. Other options are baking soda or vinegar as these can create a fizzing action and can help to break-down any blockage. Once this has been left to sit and is flushed with hot water, the problem is sometimes resolved. Other methods could be using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, caustic soda or boiling water. A substance like caustic soda has to be handled very carefully and you would need protective clothing as well as eye protection. You can click here to get more details.

Calling in the professionals

If the problem is much greater than you can deal with yourself, you’ll need to find a company that specialises in resolving blocked drains. Most professional companies will use a CCTV system that will be able to locate the problem immediately and will show exactly where the blockage is and how it should be resolved. It is often the case that homeowners have put materials into the system that shouldn’t be there. It’s astonishing that some people will flush medicines, solvents, chemicals, and leftover cooking fat down the sink or toilet. Rods can be used to fix the problem, but sometimes it will still be necessary to dig up the ground around the pipes, particularly if the roots of a tree are causing the blockage.

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