Numerous Custom Options for Chairlifts

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Medical Equipments

Chairlifts for Portsmouth homes can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes. Chairs are, of course, customizable to various colours and shades, but the mechanical components can be as well. Why settle for an industrial looking product when you can help it blend in as an existing part of your décor? When you work with a company that can provide bespoke options for your chairlifts, selecting the right colours, patterns and sizes you want is just one of the many benefits you will receive, in addition to the endless uses a chairlift can provide.

Perfect for Any Staircase

From short and straight to long and winding, any stairwell or staircase can be installed with chairlifts in Portsmouth. In fact, both indoor and outdoor stairs can benefit as there are lift units suitable for all-weather use. Smaller homes with a few steps on the entrance landing or massive estates with grand staircases can easily be matched for the right chairlift. This not only allows you easy access to upper and lower floors, but can also benefit your visitors with disabilities or limited mobility as well.

Blends In with your Décor

One of the benefits to a custom chairlift is the numerous design options available. You can often times find there are a range of colours for the mechanical railing and chair supports, as well as the upholstery. You might opt for a chairlift that blends in discreetly with your existing décor, or could be more interested in one that stands out proudly. No matter what you decide, be sure to shop around until you find the chair that works for your needs, fits within your budget, and has the design elements you desire as well.

A Unique Choice of Fabrics

As with other furniture in your home, it’s not hard to find chairlifts with a wide and unique range of fabrics for you to choose from. This may include standard colours of cream and tan, or could span all the way to bright floral patterns and geometric designs. Additionally, if you can’t find the design you want on a mobility device from the source, you can easily have it reupholstered to your liking. Looking for a chairlift to match existing chairs in your home? Or perhaps you want something to contrast brightly with the colour of the staircase it is installed on? The choices are endless!

Chairlifts in Portsmouth can be purchased from Bentley Mobility. Contact them today for more information on the installation of a chairlift, or ask about their many other mobility assist devices.

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