The Benefits of Having a Chair Lift in your Home

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Medical Equipments

Many people may underestimate the value of having a chair lift in their home, but they can be quite the benefit to many individuals! For those with mobility limitations, sight problems, vertigo, or other ailments stairs are one of the most dangerous features within a home. Mobility limited individuals can fall, those with sight limitations can lose their balance, and sufferers of vertigo can faint. Any one of these issues can cause severe injuries from a tumble down the stairs. It’s time to prevent that risk!

Help Ease Mobility Issues

Mobility issues can be caused by a wide range of reasons including injuries, diseases, and age. No matter how young or old you are, if getting around your home is painful or difficult, especially if there are stairs involved, having a chair lift installed in your home can be one of the biggest benefits to your mobility. It not only has the ability to get you to and from upper and lower floors, but can also prevent the risk of trips and falls on steep staircases or those without proper hand rails.

Retain Your Independence

It’s easy to lose your independence as you age. Mobility becomes an issue and sooner or later you may be forced to ask for help, even if you don’t necessarily want it. Some people feel that asking for help from others causes them to become a burden, and for others it can be a painful blow to their own pride. Whatever the reason, chair lifts in Portsmouth homes can help retain your independence. Never again will you be obligated to ask for assistance walking up or down stairs. You will easily be able to come and go as often as you like, and will never feel the need to call someone to come aid you.

Eliminate Fall Risks on Stairs

Stairs are necessary in many homes, but can be one of the biggest dangers as well. Falling downstairs is not uncommon for people of all ages, but can especially be a risk for those with balance or mobility issues. Ensuring your safety or the safety of your mobility limited loved ones is extremely important, and can be made much easier when installing a chair lift in your home. Never again worry if you or your loved one can safely use the steep stairs. Instead, rest assured knowing they are safe and secure with their new chair lift!

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