Classical Style that is Economical

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

Sash and case windows are beautiful and classical which add grace to any building. Unfortunately they also tend to allow drafts and leaks though and around them. When you replace your windows while retaining the look and old world charm which is most probably your goal along with saving money on your electricity bill you do need to keep in mind the need to comply with any existing rules and regulations.

Double Glazed Means Double Warmth

When it is possible double glazed sash and case windows are the best at preventing drafts and keeping you warm and cosy. If you live where you are not allowed to completely replace or have your windows double glazed, there are companies doing sash and casement windows in Edinburg who offer other alternatives. Combine that with beautiful hardware, stops, and sash pulleys and you have a window or windows that replicate exactly the originals.

Mahogany is a Gorgeous Addition to the Exterior of Your Home

Not only will your new windows keep out drafts, save you money, and meet all pertinent rules and regulations, they will adorn the outside of your home with a warm wood that glows in the sun. The way your home looks to people as they pass by will fill you with pride and they will be just a bit envious.

Sash Windows Provide Greater Security

It is quite hard to break in through a sash window so you will be able to rest easier. If you are looking for extra protection, put windows guards on the windows. You will have very little to concern yourself over about thieves.

Is There a Company who can do all this for you?

The JBC Company builds and installs windows duplicating the original faithfully while meeting the standards of the Edinburgh Planning Department and Conservation Committee. They have been in business for 40+ years and it is definitely a family owned and operated business.

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