Modern Ideas for a Bathroom Installation Service in Edinburgh

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Home Improvement

It might be one of the most neglected rooms in the home when it comes to performing a property renovation, but the bathroom is actually a very important space, particularly when it comes to designing it. The layout, size and choice of fixtures will affect the functionality of the space, as well as its aesthetic appeal (which can increase the overall property value). Before you can hire someone to perform a bathroom installation service in Edinburgh, you should know what you want the finished result to be like. Modern is one of the most popular themes homeowners are opting for these days, so take the following design ideas into consideration for your next property improvement project.

Glass Shower Panels

Don’t want to have to clean the shower curtains each time they start to become discoloured, develop mould or become covered in mildew? If so, getting glass shower panels fitted by a team performing a bathroom installation service in Edinburgh is a worthwhile investment. Glass shower panels can be frosted to add extra privacy or can even have etching engraved on them for a customised touch. Frameless glass panels tend to look more modern and will save space, but metal-framed panels will also add a contemporary, yet classic touch.

Stainless Steel Details

Modern focuses more on simplicity, rather than combining too many things together. Keep things minimalistic by beginning the bathroom installation service in Edinburgh with a neutral background colour, before introducing stainless steel details. There are so many different details that could add a sense of modern and functionality, such as metal towel rails, faucets, shower heads, bath mats, magazine holders, lighting fixtures, holders and dispensers. Use the web or look at interior design magazines to get some inspiration and merge the right metals together for a fresh look.

Storage and Colours

Even small spaces can now be made to look larger if you think about storage when getting a bathroom installation service in Edinburgh completed. Under-cabinet storage will not only conceal messy items, such as toilet roll, air freshener and other bathroom essentials but also, it will hide piping and other ugly fixture parts. Add a pop of colour to a modern bathroom with dramatic red, relaxing blue, cosy purple, fresh yellow or lime green. Colours can be introduced with tiling, wall art or even storage cubbies, if you have the space inside your bathroom for them, that is!

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