A Basic Guide To Double Glazing Installation In Southampton

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Doors and Windows

For anyone living in or around the Southampton area, double glazing installation can be a very good option to provide for significant and ongoing energy savings. These windows, which are specially designed to help to avoid heat transfer, are a beautiful upgrade to an older home or a perfect choice for a new home.

A double-glazed window is very specially designed to retain heat to the interior of the home, but it also acts to help to reduce the risk of condensation between the panes of glass, and also to enhance noise reduction.

The design of double-glazed windows includes two separate panes of glass that have a slight separation. This space can be as small as 16mm or as large as 19mm for most standard types of glass. The air between the panes actually creates the insulation, and it can be filled with a specific gas, or a vacuum can be created between the panes to accomplish the same types of results.

The Preparation

As with any type of work on your home, double glazing installation needs to be done with precision and expertise. It will be essential to correctly measure the rough opening for the window, and not simply go by the internal measurements of the existing window.

It may also be important to consider the way the window will open if you are changing styles. For example, if you previously had a double hung window and are now selecting a casement or hopper style it will be essential to account for the swing of the window during opening.

The Installation

Before starting the double glazing installation, it will be necessary to remove the existing window. When replacing the frame as well, this is a more involved task, as the entire existing window has to be removed in preparation for the new. If a new window is being installed into an existing frame, it will be essential to carefully remove the window without causing any damage to the frame.
Professional installers in Southampton will then carefully place the new window and frame into the rough opening, or replace the window if the frame is not being changed. This requires attention to detail and correct technique as failing to install the window correctly will cause problems in opening and closing the window in the future.

Finally, after the double glazing installation is complete, the installers will then make sure all areas are caulked and sealed, and all trim is correctly affixed to the interior and exterior of the window. Finally, all hardware will be installed, and your new windows will be ready for years of use.

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