Ensure that your basement is completely waterproof

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Keeping your home warm and dry is essential for comfortable living. Unfortunately, water has a way of working itself into a home and is one of the most difficult substances to keep out. You need only look at massive landscapes like the Grand Canyon in the United States to see what the power of water can do when left to its own devices!

Water in a home creates unpleasant dampness that seems to seep into your very soul. Before you know it, you’ll find mould growing on your shoes, and a dank smell in every cupboard you open. The worst area to keep dry is usually the basement, which makes sense as it’s surrounded by groundwater and is constantly assailed by the forces of nature. Providing for basement waterproofing in your Brighton home should be a top priority if you want to avoid the perils of rising damp. You can click here to get more information.

Getting professional help

If you’re building a new home, it might be far easier to establish a waterproofing system from scratch, as you’ll be able to install the necessary elements as you build. In this situation, depending on the size of your basement, you would be well advised to look at drainage membrane systems. This system can also be used on existing basements, but would require renovation work for its installation.

Some waterproofing systems require that a substance be able to bond with the substrate, but this isn’t required with a drainage membrane. The advantage of not bonding the membrane to the substrate is that an air cavity can be created, which allows moisture to move freely, but doesn’t allow it through into the basement. When moisture is trapped, pressure can build up, and this is when weak spots occur. These spots are where you’ll usually find that leaks begin. Moisture trapped behind a membrane can be channelled to an exit point and removed.

Obviously, with membrane installation, it’s absolutely essential that the junction at the floor is expertly sealed, as this is where moisture would likely collect. There needs to be proper drainage at this point to remove the moisture from the basement. People who have had this membrane installed often feel that the house immediately has a warmer feel. It’s like putting an impervious raincoat around the whole basement.

Other waterproofing techniques

For a huge space, such as a parking lot, using a membrane could be extremely costly. As a result, you could look at specific waterproof paints and harder-wearing finishes. Another possibility for a smaller basement might be to install a sump that will automatically start to pump any time water rises to a certain level, removing the water elsewhere before any flooding can occur. You might also decide to waterproof the external walls of the building, keeping moisture out that way.

There are many different ways to get basement waterproofing for your Brighton home. Contact Cavitytech Systems Ltd to arrange to meet with one of their expert advisor.


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