Boom Pump in Cardiff is the Answer to Restricted Areas

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Concrete

A boom pump in Cardiff can open up a world of opportunities that you may not have thought was possible for concrete pumping. Many times you may be told that concrete cannot be pumped into a certain area because of restricted access but that is not necessarily true. What is true is that the company you are dealing with does not have the right equipment to offer. A pump that can be used to easily get past obstacles can mean that you can have concrete pumped into areas that historically were not available to you before.

Easy Manoeuvring

The right operator can easily manoeuvre the pump into areas that are surrounded by obstacles or other structures. Before this type of pump was available concrete trucks would have to have access to the area making it very difficult to gain access to any place that was surrounded by brush, trees, walkways and other structures. This type of pump with the right operator on board can easily pump up, down, over and under a wide range of obstructions.

Excellent Opportunity

This pump allows a wide range of new opportunities to contractors, homeowner and anyone that needs concrete pumped in hard to reach areas. Of course the opportunity is only available from companies that have the right equipment and that know how to use the right equipment. You can easily take advantage of this opportunity with the right support.

Without Damage

If you have ever had concrete pumped the traditional way you know that there is always something that is at risk of damage from the truck but with the boom pumping method all the surrounding areas will remain damage free. Using the boom with the right operator at the helm your trees, foot paths and structures will all be safe from damage. It is an easy solution. Visit here for more information.

Choosing a Company

If you have a restricted area that you need to pump concrete into, you need to be have a reliable company that can provide you with the right support. Look for a team that:

  • Has the experience using the boom

  • Has the most dependable equipment

Experience matters when you want a job that preserves the surrounding areas and that can easily work through restricted areas. You want to be sure that you are choosing a provider that has reliable, dependable equipment and the well trained staff to use it!

South Wales Concrete Pumping offers excellent boom pump in Cardiff operators and dependable equipment. Call today for your free quote!

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