How to maintain different Glazing Material

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Glazing

Do you want your double glazing to serve you for a long time? One secret that will ensure they last for long is maintenance. Fortunately, double glazing in Farnham requires very little maintenance. There is no general maintenance procedure for double glazing; the maintenance depends on the type of glazing in your premises. There are three main type of glazing; vinyl, wood and aluminium.

Aluminium glazing – The material’s lustre wears off to some extent after some years. The best way to restore its aesthetic value is by repainting the edges or places where the window looks dark and dull. After repainting, you can spray some water to remove any dirt on the window.

Vinyl glazing – The glazing does not need any painting or staining as they are finished in vinyl. You do not need any maintenance to keep the windows looking good but you need to wash them. Dirt and debris accumulates on the windows and that is why you need to clean them. Use a hose pipe to spray water on the windows to remove the dirt and debris.

Wooden glazing – Of the three types of glazing, wooden glazing requires the most care to maintain its beautiful look. After installing the double glazing in Farnham, paint the wood with a number of clear coats of water sealer so that they do not rot. You can also use any colour to paint the wood. Make sure that you repaint the wood as needed. If you do not carry out maintenance on the wood, it will rot and look unattractive.

Contact P & P Glass for a complete guide on maintenance services for your double glazing. If you would like us to carry out maintenance services for your double glazing, we will be pleased to help.

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