Employment Law Solicitor in Portsmouth – Learning the Facts About Unfair Dismissal

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Every year, millions of people around the United Kingdom deal with unfair dismissal. This term is used to describe a situation whereby an employee is dismissed from the workplace for unreasonable or unlawful reasons. If you are unsure about whether or not this has happened to you, seeking out legal advice would be a good option. By consulting with an employment law solicitor in Portsmouth, you can seek reinstatement or compensation. Read on to discover if you need professional advice, and whether the contract was terminated fairly or unfairly.

Examples of Unfair Dismissal

To broaden your knowledge on the subject of unfair dismissal and completely understand your rights, it’s worth finding out if your situation is likely to be considered unfair in a court room. Did you need time off for jury service? Did you give the right notice period when you resigned? Were you forced to retire? Was your contract terminated when you applied for adoption or maternity leave? If any of these situations apply to you, you can definitely take legal action with help from a law solicitor in Portsmouth. Visit website for more information.

How to Deal with Job Loss

You could break down and cry following a job loss, or you could handle dismissal in the right way by getting in touch with a law solicitor in Portsmouth. Being threatened with dismissal could affect your productivity and could lead to immediate dismissal. Whatever the circumstances may be, it’s important that you make a tribunal claim no longer than three months after employment dismissal. Members of trade unions might be able to help you solve the case if you are a union representative, so bear this in mind before paying for the services of a lawyer.

Attending an Employment Tribunal

When you are completely sure that you have been dismissed unfairly, you can take the appropriate steps to attend an employment tribunal. The tribunal is like a small court case and will involve you discussing the facts with a professional at law. It’s not uncommon to stumble over your words at this stage and unfortunately if you do, the chances of you getting the desired settlement will lower. An employment law solicitor in Portsmouth will find out how you were treated unlawfully before using facts and statistics to make sure the judge is on your side.

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