Creating the Ultimate Checklist for Storage in Market Harborough

Have you been thinking about paying for storage in Market Harborough? If so, you should sit down and perform a little research ahead of packing your belongings and getting the key to a container. Lots of companies will specialise in these services, which is why it is imperative that you shop around for the best deal. Although many storage businesses will do the hard work on your behalf, such as loading and unloading, packing, and providing boxes, there are a few tasks you will need to perform ahead of renting a storage room or container.

Writing An Inventory List

It’s important that you don’t forget anything when moving, because if you fail to write an inventory list, you might not even notice if something gets lost or misplaced! The company you work with for storage in Market Harborough will keep a note of everything that gets put inside the container, from the large pieces of furniture to the small electronics and appliances. This inventory list can be reviewed by the removal company before a quote is drawn up, so take your time in making sure everything is in writing. Click here to know more.

Disassembling Furniture

You will probably want to get the moving process over and done with as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is with a bit of preparation in the form of disassembling furniture. When paying for storage in Market Harborough it is likely that the storage specialists will disassemble and assemble furnishings on your behalf, because this will save space and reduce the need for multiple trips to the container’s unloading bay. You can do your bit by applying a high-quality furniture oil to wooden pieces for protection against the elements, placing paper pads in-between stacked furniture, and storing electronics in their original boxes.

Packing Items

The majority of storage companies will pack items and provide the materials, such as tape, bubble wrap, labels, cardboard boxes, etc. Prior to storing, you should wipe down all appliances and leave the doors of certain appliances open slightly as a way of preventing mildew. You can’t expect the storage specialists to know what is inside each box, therefore labelling certain boxes as fragile is a must. When it comes to clothing, use special garment bags to prevent moth damage.

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