What You Should Consider When Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor

by | Jul 22, 2015 | legal

Purchasing property and then moving can be a stressful situation alone, without having to worry about whether or not you have selected the right Conveyancing solicitor in Reading. With thousands of different options to choose from, you may wonder which one is right for your particular situation. Some things to consider are highlighted here.


While the cost of these services is an important factor to consider, it is not the only thing that you need to take into consideration. As with most things in life, the lowest priced option is not always the best one. You should think of getting value for the money you spend, so if you are paying more than the bottom dollar, you will receive extra value for this.

Insured and Regulated

The conveyancing solicitor you ultimately hire needs to be insured and regulated. This will ensure that if there are any legal defects after the sale is completed you are protected. The solicitors Regulatory Authority regulates solicitors and if the one you hire makes mistakes you can file a complaint with the organisation and see compensation through the solicitor’s indemnity insurance coverage. Browse website for more information.

Track Record and Experience

It is important to realise that not every solicitor will have the necessary experience in conveyancing. You have to get a bit of understanding regarding the familiarity with the potential solicitors regarding the work that you need to have done. During this, there are a number of questions that you should ask:

1. What amount of time have they been offering these services?

2. What is the total number of people they have represented?

3. Have the received accreditation from the Law Society?

4. What is their back up plan in the instance that they are unavailable, overwhelmed or absent?

5. Do they work with a team and will you be working with any other members of the team?


You should think about hiring a local solicitor or a firm since they will know more about an area where they are actually located. They will also know the different type of searches that are needed and if there are any types of pending developments in the nearby area that you may not be aware of.

Taking the time to find the right conveyancer for your process will pay off in the long run and be well-worth the time and the effort that you have put into it.

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