Basic Principles for Removal Services

When it comes to moving, you can never have too much information; this is because having first-hand information during moving enables you to make better decisions and to negotiate better rates.

1. Booking the removal company – You need to consider the date of moving before booking a removals company. Remember you need to carry out a pre-move survey and to make sure your new property is ready for occupation before moving. The best time to book a removal in Market Harborough is 3-4 weeks before the moving date.

2. Paying for removal services – After the pre-move survey, the potential company sends a quote. If you are happy with the contents and their services, then you are required to send back some information and documents in preparation for the move. You are also required to confirm the moving date during this time and are also needed to pay the amount 7 days before the confirmed date. Talk to your removals company to find out if they follow the same procedure.

3. Cost of moving – Every company charges differently, but there is some constant factor that affects the cost of moving. The amount of property to be moved, distance the property is being moved, accessibility of the property on both premises, and the services that you want on top of moving like packing services determine the cost of moving.

4. Choosing a removals company – Choose a reputable company whose services meet your objectives and whose cost you can afford. Talk to your friends and family member to refer you to professional removals in Market Harborough.

5. Storing some items – Choose a removal company which also offer storage services. This is so that you won’t have to hire two moving trucks for your property: it saves you cash.

At Pip Ewart LTD, we advise our clients to plan for parking space in both premises for easy moving. Contact us today for professional moving services.