The Benefits of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are a common sight on many different types of commercial buildings but they also area found on sections of residential structures and homes too. Flat roof systems are popular because of how easy they are to set up and maintain and they offer the most convenience when it comes to accessing equipment like heating and AC units and other electrical systems. They are simple and provide long-lasting protection from high winds and other harsh effects of the elements. If you are considering a new roof of your business and are thinking about flat roofs in Nottingham roofing companies have plenty of examples for you to see all around on a number of businesses.

Commercial Roofing

Any business roof that appears to be flat is in actuality what is known as a low slope roof or nearly flat roof. It is important to note that when designing a roofing system, no roof should be perfectly flat. There needs to be at least a few degrees rise and fall from one side of the roof to the other so water will brain off. Otherwise rainwater, snow, and debris will pile up and accumulate on the roof and cause extensive damage. The nearly flat roof design is popular for businesses because it allowed the roof to be used to house certain pieces of equipment and various systems that would not be possible with a traditional steep pitch roof design of a residential home.

Flat Roof Benefits

The benefits of a low slope / flat roof include the following:

* Longer-lasting and easy to clean when compared to tile and shingles
* Simple and basic design fits many different styles of building and roofing systems and layouts
* Increased protection against wind damage during storms due to a lower profile in the wind
* Easy install simple sheet roll application and little to no accessory pieces needed

If you are looking for the perfect roofing option for your business, consider flat roofs in Nottingham. Contact the roofing experts at WR Leivers today to schedule your consultation.

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