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How to Identify the Right Business Removal Company

As a business owner, the decision to relocate your business puts into account a number of factors. First, you have to consider the impact that the relocation will cause to your business and find ways to minimize the negative effects. You also have to consider the cost of moving and the time that the moving will take.

The good news is that with a professional business and commercial removals from Leicestershire, you can achieve low cost and convenient business relocation. It does not matter the amount of property to move, with a good company, you can minimize on your company’s downtime.

There are many moving companies but not all of them are qualified for business and commercial removals in Leicestershire. So how do you choose the best company?

 * Insurance – Ask the removals company whether they are willing to offer you an insurance certificate showing your company as ‘additional insured.’ If the removals company is not willing, it means they are not experienced in business removals or they have a poor safety history.

 * Look for references – Since you want a business mover, ask the company that you shortlist to give you references to three companies that they have recently moved that are similar to yours. If the company does not have any references it means they have no experience in commercial moving so weed them out from your list.

 * Action plan – Make sure you carry out a pre-move survey with the potential mover then ask for a plan of action. It should show the time the moving will take, number of truck that will be used, men who will be available to help, and the cost. Hire the company if their plan of action meets your objectives and it seems reasonable to you.

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