4 Advantages of Timber Doors

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Glazing

Timber remains one of the most preferred materials for a door due to its outstanding characteristics. If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that most homes have timber doors. What makes timber such an outstanding material?

1. Insulation – Timber does not allow energy losses, it’s a good insulator of energy. During cold seasons, the timber prevents cold air from entering your home. The opposite is true during hot weather as it prevents the hot air from entering your home.

2. Durability – Hardwood doors from Farnham lasts for years. Harsh weather conditions do not cause damages to the wooden doors so they remain intact throughout their life. There is also little maintenance required for maintaining the wood. The doors do not suffer from rust like doors made from aluminium.

3. Aesthetic value – You can either use timber to make the frame of your doors or you can make the doors using timber. If your home is surrounded by trees or you want a natural look, why not leave the timber with its clear finish? You can also stain the timber to match your furniture, home or office surrounding. When you use stained timber, it shows prosperity and authority. The doors can also be decorated by creating any designs on them. Experienced craftsmen can create any design to match your expectations.

4. Eco-friendly – Timber is a natural material that does not cause negative effects to the environment and occupants of the home. Some timbers are carbon neutral meaning that they absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Timber doors are a great way of incorporating natural materials to your beautiful home. Contact our team at P & P Glass today to choose from a variety of designs at our stores. We stock quality doors in Farnham so you can be sure that your door will last for a long time.

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