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Window Glass Installation and How It’s Done

Whether you are having a new home built, adding a new room onto an existing home, or having a commercial building contracted windows will always be a part of the build. From stylish to simplistic, the right glazing on your building can allow natural lighting in while keeping insects and weather elements out. Natural lighting has been shown to have many benefits to human health including uplifting moods and providing energy. When choosing a glazing, always be sure you consider exactly what your needs may be as far as energy efficiency and glass weight before making your final decision.

Single Pane, Insulated and Safety Glass

When purchasing glass from glaziers in Farnham, you will be able to decide what type of glass you prefer. Some of the choices include the lighter single-pane, heavier insulated glass, and safety glass. If you are unsure the type of glass you need, or what may meet your expectations, the glazier can offer his or her recommendation for your budget. Click here to know more.

Considering the Glass Weight

Some glass, such as double pane or triple pane insulated glazing, can be extremely heavy. While this benefits your energy costs, it can also cause problems for a weak sash. Over time, a stressed wooden frame can bend, bow or crack leaving your window area exposed to moisture, insects, and other things you want to avoid. If unnoticed, the damage can become so severe over time that a window can fall free of its frame when being opened. Always consider the weight of the glass as well as the frame it will be placed into before purchasing.

Having It Installed Professionally

While it is possible to install your own windows, it’s always best left to the professionals. Not only are you working with a large piece of glass which can cut you if dropped and broken, installation needs to be precise or the window can leave gaps around its frame allowing insects and moisture in. A team of professional glaziers in Farnham will work with you to get the exact measurements of the space you are glazing. Once measurements have been taken, the window and its frame will be prepared. The installation team will return to hang the window on your home or business, ensuring it is perfectly level and that there are no gaps or rubbing when being opened or closed. Additionally, most installation work comes with a warranty or guarantee which ensures that any problems you encounter from the installation process will be fixed quickly.

Working closely with professional glaziers in Farnham can get you the window glass you want! From specialized styles to standard installation, bespoke glazing services are available from Allways Glazing Works Ltd.

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