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Why Use Screed for Flooring?

In the various industrial complexes of the world concrete floors have a long standing home. They are used in many of these locations because of the durability and protection they can offer to the factories they’re in. You may think that laying down a concrete floor is a simple matter of mixing up the materials and dumping it out into a mould, but that simply isn’t the case. There are many things that go into the design and construction of this style of flooring. You need to be mindful of all the required steps, making sure you have the right mixtures and most of all you are going to want to finish things off with a top layer of screed. Floor screed in Leeds can be found almost anywhere you can purchase ready mix concrete, and you should always finish your floors with this product.

What Does Screed Do for Flooring?

Screed is usually a mixture of concrete and sand that is placed over your floor for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to create a smooth finish. This is very important in places like factories, and garages where you want things to be level and smooth to protect vehicles, and the workers who are constantly using it. Second, it is safe to lay over insulation or other kinds of foundations that need to be mindful of temperature. It shouldn’t bother any kind of insulation or underfloor heating solutions you may have employed during construction. Finally, it is very customisable. This product is usually hand crafted and delivered right to your construction site, and it is versatile enough that it can be used indoors, outdoors or on any kind of flooring you need to be smoothed out.

A Great Canvas to Work With

The floor can be a great canvas for decorations and colours. This process is a good way to prepare it for taking on stains or paints. This allows you to add an additional layer of markings or wording if necessary to your floors. This can be good for places like factories, where having coloured lines leading to various areas might be important.

Getting the job done is great, but getting is done right is just as important. Don’t try to lie down your project without finishing it with screeding. The final product won’t look anywhere near as nice, and you’ll be stuck with poorly textured flooring that may be uneven.

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