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What to Know Before Purchasing a New Boiler

It’s a big decision to install a new boiler, as it’s one of the costlier items in a home. However, when the days get shorter and cold weather starts to settle in, having constant access to hot water and a cosy home is worth the investment. It’s important to be fully informed before making a purchase and also to look at ways in which you can manage your heating costs more effectively.

Finding a professional company in Aberdeenshire for boilers

Firstly, if your boiler is going to work off the gas network, your installer must be registered on the Gas Safe Register. You would need to check with your supplier that they will provide you with a suitable registered installer and some people even recommend that you ask to see the installer’s Gas Safe Register ID card. This could be very important from a safety and also insurance point of view should anything go wrong. Boilers are very safe today, but they have been the source of many injuries in the past. Steam takes up more than a thousand times more volume than water and it travel down pipes very rapidly.

If a tube becomes dislodged or a welder has done an inadequate job, piping hot steam can escape, causing great damage and dangerous burns. Hence, choosing a company that has a solid record of excellence in installations with good follow-up and maintenance service would be essential. Any local Aberdeenshire company that you liaise with regarding boilers should also be happy to give you previous recommendations from satisfied clients and you should feel free to contact these individuals to ensure that their experience and the follow-up service were good. It is also always a good idea to get three quotes before making a final purchasing decision. Visit here for more information.

Other factors you could consider

When purchasing a new boiler in Aberdeenshire, it’s important to check the length of the warranty. Most regular boilers will be covered for five years. Some, however, allow the warranty to be extended to ten years and, given that you would expect many years of service from your boiler, this might be something to consider. If you’re installing a new boiler, this might also be a good time to look at an entirely new heating control system. Many homes are now putting thermostats in their rooms and on their radiators to ensure that there isn’t overheating and a waste of energy. These controls can also ensure that the heating only comes on at certain times in certain rooms. This will make a great difference to your heating bill. A last consideration would be to see whether your installing company will remove your old boiler for no charge. Some even install a carbon monoxide detector (if you decide to go with a gas-fuelled boiler) for no charge to ensure your future safety.

If you need a new boiler in Aberdeenshire, or want your existing boiler serviced, contact CAS Duncan for quality services you can trust.

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