Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

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If your windows have seen better days, do not hold heat inside, have cold spots, draughts and let the noise from the streets in, maybe it’s time for a change. Basically, you have two main options: you can buy the whole new window if you want radical changes like changing the window shape or size, or you can replace old windows with quality replacements that are designed to fit right into place.

Whatever you choose, first you need to make a lot of other important decisions. These decisions include what frame to buy, the type of glazing you want, and the cost. There are all types of windows in Edinburgh for sale, so the task of choosing is not always an easy one.

What window glass to choose?

Thanks to improved technologies, you can choose not only a type of glass, but the quantity of glass sheets as well. The quantity is called (double or triple glazing). The distance between the sheets is usually 16 mm. With a wide range of windows in Edinburgh, you need to understand what suits your home best. A professional will be able to recommend what is best for your home. You can click here to get more details.

Most Common Types of Glass

* Low Emissivity Glass is the most energy-efficient type, and it usually is used with double glazing.

* Impact resistance glass is another good choice, especially under extreme weather conditions or if you have small kids.

Types of Window Frames

* Wood windows resist heat, cold and look really beautiful. The only problem is that the wooden frame requires considerable maintenance.

* Vinyl frames have become the most popular choice over the last several years. These windows are maintenance free, affordable, keep the heat in, and keep all the street noises out.

* Steel frames are slim and last for a long time.

* Composite frames are wooden inside but are covered with aluminium or plastic.

* Vinyl clad windows provide the beauty of wood on the inside with a reliability of vinyl coating outside.

Energy-efficient windows can be:

* Double-glazed (the most popular and reliable choice among homeowners to reduce energy bills and heat loss).

* Triple-glazed (they have three sheets of glass).

* With a secondary glazing for people who live in a period property, listed building etc. and can’t do a lot of changes. This is the best alternative to double glazing!

If you decided to replace windows in Edinburgh, Window Advice Centre is always there to help! Contact them if you are in need of independent technical inspections and an expert advice!

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