Asbestos Testing Service

Understanding the legislation around asbestos

Although asbestos has been used for many centuries and was considered a safe and miracle mineral due to its fire-resistant properties, it has now been declared a hazardous and illegal substance since 1999. As a result, every owner of a home or a commercial building now has an obligation to find out if and where asbestos might be found, and what condition the substance is currently in. As there was a slow response to conducting these surveys, further legislation was passed in 2012 that held every owner of a building responsible for the health of the occupants of the building. Thus, owners of homes or buildings now have the required task of calling in experts and doing a full inspection for possible asbestos. This is so serious that it is even possible for a prison sentence to be imposed if it can be proved that an owner of a building knew of the presence of asbestos and didn’t take the necessary precautions.

What is needed to conduct a survey?

There are many companies in Bradford who can conduct legal asbestos surveys. It is essential to establish that they are licensed and qualified to carry out the survey. As bizarre as it may sound, some companies have been known to accept the job of carrying out a survey without a license, the proper training, or the correct safety equipment. Although it’s astounding to imagine that anyone would put you or their workers at risk in this way, the fact that it has happened means that you’d be wise to check on their credentials. There is an Asbestos Contractors Association that can give you the necessary assurances if you need them.

If an inspection team locates any asbestos, they will record its position in the building – and this will go into an asbestos register. They will also be able to document the condition of the substance. In some cases you might be told that the mineral is stable and is not yet posing a health problem. In other cases, if it’s felt that the asbestos is deteriorating and that there is a risk of fibres being released into the atmosphere and creating a health danger, you’ll be informed that it must be removed. Visit here for more information.

Arranging for asbestos removal

A professional team will file the necessary paperwork with local authorities. This will require that they document a removal plan. Thereafter, they will seal off the site, and will carry out a controlled and legal removal of the asbestos.

In order to be legally compliant, you need to check whether there is any asbestos in your building. ACS Health, Safety & Environment has a branch in Bradford and is licensed to conduct asbestos surveys.

Asbestos Testing Service
The First Step before Asbestos Removal can Begin