Asbestos Testing Service

The First Step before Asbestos Removal can Begin

The first thing you will need to do before you can remove asbestos from your premises from your premises is determine the extent of the problem. The easiest way for you to accomplish that is to find asbestos survey companies in London capable of performing a complete and efficient survey. You will also need to decide whether you require a management survey, a refurbishment and demolition survey, or a combination of both.

What the Surveyor will need from you

The surveyor will need specifics regarding the building and what type of survey you want performed and for what purpose the building is routinely used for. You will also need to provide plans and prior surveys along with security knowledge. You will need to make arrangements for all necessary permits. The surveyor will need to be able to reach your health and safety personnel should it become necessary.

The Intent on the Survey

Obviously the survey is to begin a management program of the asbestos but it is also to discover where asbestos is located and how much of it there is. The survey will be used to show every place that is affected by asbestos. It will also help keep a record as each area is cleared of asbestos. It will also be very helpful in tracking what, if any, other damage will require repair.

Which Type of Survey is the One for You?

The Standard Survey can be performed with very little disturbance of the normal working day or environment. A Refurbishment and Demolition Survey is designed to locate and list all asbestos where renovations are to take place or where a building is being torn down. This type of survey can require some demolition in order to get into hard to access areas.