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Three Types of Decking in Bristol to Increase Property Value

Want to give your garden a fresh, unique look, but don’t quite know how to do it? If so, decking in Bristol will be a worthwhile investment. Decking is available in a broad range of colours, sizes and materials, such as timber, composite and aluminium. So long as it is installed properly by someone with relevant experience, decking could bring many benefits to your garden space. Selecting a material is an important part of the process, because the material will affect how weatherproof it Is. The following three types of wood are low maintenance, high quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

If you want to take the eco-friendly route, contact a timber merchant who can supply you with pressure-treated lumber. Visit here to get more details. This is an environmentally friendly option for decking in Bristol, because it is known as a “wood for all of the seasons.” Pressure-treated lumber survives well in all weather conditions and does not require a great deal of maintenance. Resistant to insects and rot, it is coated with a solution made from arsenic, copper and chromium.

Redwood and Cedar

The superior choice for decking in Bristol would be redwood and cedar. These are two types of softwoods that are usually sourced from locations in the west. Unlike other kinds of wood for decking, redwood and cedar is not manufactured with chemicals. The fact that the wood is insect resistant and does not decay easily makes it one of the best choices for outdoor use. In addition to this, the wood type is proven to last up to three times longer than pressure-treated lumber. Custom knotty, custom clear, architect knotty and architect clear are four recommended grades of redwood and cedar.

Tropical Hardwood

An attractive (albeit slightly expensive) choice would be tropical hardwood. This wood will give decking in Bristol a modern and rich appearance. The only real down side is that it cannot be drilled or cut as easily as pressure-treated lumber. A lot of people will compare tropical hardwood to mahogany, because it has a reddish-brown tint and has straight grain patterns. This type of wood is indigenous to America and it is distributed around the world for fencing, decking and other home improvements. Shop around to pay the best price for this sought-after wood.

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