Prevent Weeds from Ruining Decking in Bath with Three Simple Tips

Have you decided to enhance your garden with decking in Bath? If so, you are probably glad to see the back of those dreaded gardening duties that you would have to deal with if a lawn was previously in the decking’s place. Mulching, strimming and weeding are three things that would take up your time if decking wasn’t installed. Although decking improves garden structure and gives it a timeless appearance, weed growth might still be an issue. Suppress weed growth easily and extend the life of decking by putting the following tips into action.

Let Them Lie

One of the worst things you can do to weeds is pull them out because by doing this, you are only eliminating the problem for a short while. Let them lie and you will notice that the decking in Bath won’t be affected as badly by shoots, plants and leaves. Sleeping weeds will start to grow again if they are ripped out from the root, so only dig when it is absolutely necessary. By using a sharp blade to cut weed roots, the chances of them growing back will reduce significantly.

Buy Weed Killing Formula

Although chemicals aren’t the best choice for stopping weed growth, they do work. A weed killing solution will be specially formulated to kill the weed at the root, without affecting soil and plants nearby. Weeds tend to absorb the formula in large amounts, unlike plants. This allows for easy weed killing and means that you can keep your decking in Bath looking good. Weeds need organic matter in order to thrive and by taking this away with a weed killing formula, smothering out weeds will be straightforward.

Hire Experienced Decking Fitters

The way in which decking in Bath is fitted will affect the way weeds grow around it and beneath it. Experienced fitters will take the time to mulch soil ahead of fitting wooden planks and boards, so that weeds can be killed at the root. To find a fitter with relevant experience, make sure he or she has been in the industry for five years or more and take the time to read customer reviews. Click here to get more information. Remember that wood is a living material and spaces should be left between planks to allow for expansion when they become moist, so set aside enough time to track down a reputable fitter.

Bendrey Brothers are highly experienced timber merchants that offer a fantastic range of decking products in Bath and the surrounding area.

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